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ODNT Asks ?Won?t You Save an Old Dog?? in Latest Fundraising Video

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Amanda Gari (?Lydia?) makes an impassioned plea for support for Old Dogs & New Tricks? Fourth & Final Season in a public-service-announcement spoof, the latest fundraising video for the web series? IndieGoGo campaign at igg.me/at/ODNTS4.

The web series is currently seeking funds to conclude its run, with either a ?mini-movie finale,? similar to their 2014 special WeHo Horror Story, or a full final season of 8 to 10 episodes. But which is up to the viewers, based on how much they contribute.

While currently less than $1,000 away its ?base goal? of $5,000, ODNT creator/writer/star Leon Acord hopes fans will contribute up to $10,000 or more so they can produce a full final season of 8 to 10 episodes.?

If that happens, Acord promises a musical episode, an episode filmed before a live audience, the origins of the Nathan/Nelson feud, plus special guest stars, including a couple faces from the past ? and a ?proper series finale, free of cliffhangers and ? all the laughs, shocks & sex you?ve come to expect!?

The campaign concludes at midnight on Saturday, April 4.?http://igg.me/at/ODNTS4

2nd 4th teaser

To watch the first three seasons of Old Dogs & New Tricks, visit their website at www.odnt.tv.






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