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New Book a Revealing Look at the Lives of Rentboys, Past and Present

Male Sex Work and Society 4

Infamous 19th-century cross-dressing male sex workers, Ernest Boulton and Frederick William Park, aka ?Stella? Boulton and ?Franny? Park. (Male Sex Work and Society)

Written for brainiacs, but fascinating to us laymen just the same,?Male Sex Work and Society?is a collection of revealing essays and studies that explores for the first time male sex work from a rich array of perspectives and disciplines.

Leading contributors from around the world examine the field both historically and cross-culturally from fields including public health, sociology, psychology, social services, history, filmography, economics, mental health, criminal justice, geography, and migration studies, and more.

Yup, for smart folks and sexuality students, but also for those of us in the LGBT ? particularly gay male ? community, where we’re well aware ? and perhaps more accepting ? of the male sex worker, from cash friendly go-go boys to discreet online entrepreneurs to Rentboy.com’sHookie Award?tropy wielding escorts.

Beautifully designed and stuffed with suprising statistics and historic photos as well as artfully shot man-candy,?Male Sex Work and Society?is an interesting, insightful and elightening read.

Male Sex Work and Society,?Edited by Victor Minishiello?and John Scott. Available?September 2, 2014 from Harrington Park Press. Pre-order now via?Amazon?and?Columbia University Press.

?Male Sex Work and Society 5