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Mr Gay World 2014 Rome; Meet all the delegates

Mr Gay World 2014 Rome

Mr Gay World 2014 Rome – here are all the delegates!

Delegates from 32 countries around the world are ready to compete in the sixth annual Mr Gay World competition in the eternal city of Rome?24 ? 31 august.

In co-operation with the famous party venue Gay Village Rome, the delegates will contend in different competitions for a whole week until one of them is titled?Mr Gay World 2014.

Mr Gay World is more than a beauty contest, it is the toughest job interview in the world! Mr Gay World celebrates the pride and rights of the International Gay Male.

Mr Gay World?s visionary pillars are friendship, diversity and respect! The man selected will be a role model and ambassador for young gay men of the world.

This year the following countries are taking part:?Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Namibia, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Pakistan, Philippines, South Africa, Spain, Syria, United Kingdom, USA, Venezuela.

Previous host destinations:?Whistler (Canada), Oslo (Norway), Manila (The Philippines), Johannesburg (South Africa), Antwerp (Belgium)

Previous winners:?Ireland (2009), South Africa (2010), South Africa (2011), New Zealand (2012), New Zealand (2013)

Some of the challenges the delegates will face are a written test, photo session, sports challenge, swim wear competition, online popular vote, art challenge, speech and a strenuous ?job interview? in front of seven judges from all over the world.

All the delegates arrive in the eternal city?Sunday 24 August,?and in addition to the competition and challenges there will also be time for sight-seeing, meeting representatives from the city council and a day at the beach.

?It is with my greatest pleasure we welcome the Delegates to the 2014 Mr Gay World competition. We are proud and happy to be invited to Rome and Gay Village; I can?t wait to see what they have prepared for this year?s competition”, Mr Butter, co-founder and president says. ?I hope the delegates will have a great time in the eternal city, feel proud, be inspired, make global contacts and share their stories with us.?

?Gay Village in Rome, the biggest and longest LGBT culture and entertainment event and organization worldwide, is proud to host the 2014 edition of Mr Gay World,? Gaia Logan, Executive Producer Mr Gay World 2014 Rome states.??Our 13 year experience in entertaining people and smiling all the way through the fight for our rights will surprise the delegates in a positive way and make them proud. We are sure their days with us will be the best time they can have in Rome and we will do all our best to make this happen.?

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