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Mr Gay Ireland Robbie Obara takes home the crown of Mr Gay Europe

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For the first time Ireland takes home the crown and the sash. Mr Gay Ireland, Robbie Obara, with his winning personality, wasn?t afraid to flirt with the audience from the stage. Robbie has convinced various judges during his stay in Prague, that he is indeed a worthy winner. We welcome Robbie Obara as the 8th Mr Gay Europe.

Second place: Leroy Williamson, United Kingdom
Third place: Fritiof Ingelhammar, Sweden
Best interview: Robbie Obara, Ireland
Best swimwear: Leroy Williamson, United Kingdom
Best written test: Fritiof Ingelhammar, Sweden
Sports-challenge: Patrick Santos, Austria
Online vote: Armando Santos, France
Mr Congeniality: Michael Sinan, Denmark
Mr Photogenic: Jozef Hulina, Slovak Republic
Mr Talent: Conor O?Kane, Northern Ireland

From a crazy week in Prague, Mr Gay Europe 2013, Robbie O?bara is now on his way back to Ireland to meet his supporters and the local media on Thursday.

Robbie, who initially was going to Antwerp and Mr Gay World, told the producers that he would like to focus on his mission ? to create a platform to better target his community from a bio-/psycho-/social health aspect. This is important to Robbie and he wants to do a good job with his title as Mr Gay Europe 2013.

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