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Mr Gay Europe: The Journey Within


Mr Gay Europe – the documentary

?The Journey Within; 10 years ? 10 delegates? is a mini-series consisting of 4 episodes that tell the story and follows the journey of ten delegates from ten different countries participating in the 10th edition of the competition Mr Gay Europe.

What is love? How did they come out? And who will be the last man standing? The journey starts in Stockholm, Sweden during Stockholm Pride and ends up in the rural mountain village of Oppdal in Norway. Or is it there where the journey within really starts?

The young gay men take part in challenges and team efforts; they learn about gay Vikings and get blessed by a Bishop. They climb steep mountains and share their inner thoughts. There will be laughter and tears, love and friendship.

?The Journey Within? also tells the story about the first ten years of ?Mr Gay Europe?, the first international gay competition looking for role models and heroes for young gays all over Europe and maybe even rest of the world.

The mini-series will be available for streaming on Vimeo.com and selected websites.