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Mr Gay Europe 2013: Take a bite; it is all for free?

Mr Gay Europe 2013 Video
Mr Gay Europe is all about giving; pride, hope and joy.

The competition was originally started because two grown-up gays who wanted to give young gay European men something they did not have themselves coming out of the closet; role models and idols, someone to look up to.

Mr Gay Europe is also about unity through diversity, and we are happy and proud to recognize that each year the group of delegates from all over Europe is really a diverse group of fine men; the youngest being 18, the oldest 50. We have had the activist, the transgender, the bear, the bodybuilder, the cute, the queen, the SM-guy and a few more types and attitudes and they are all beautiful to us.

Back to the giving part. First of all we are happy to tell you that this year?s final from Prague will be available by live feed at any computer around Europe and the world, completely free of charge!

Secondly we want to tell you that Miguel had a couple of fun days with his photographer and together they made some hot magic worth a photo/music mash with her royal highness Gloria G; it is incredible what styling, lighting, a good photographer, the right music, genetics and like a million hours in the gym can do to a guy, right?

No, Miguel is the real deal. Police student, musician and Latino. The question is, will Spain do it for the fourth time? It seems that the MGE team should start learning Spanish real soon.

If you tune in on mrgayeurope.com 30th July 18:45 (Prague time GMT+2) you will see for yourself who will be the next Mr Gay Europe.

In the meantime, here is a special gift to all our friends, fans and extended family; the MGE team, photographer Joan Crisol and Mr Gay Europe 2012 Miguel Ortiz have a special treat for you. Take a bite!

New Video: Take a bite; it is all for free

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