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Mommie Dearest’s Rutanya Alda Guests in New Old Dogs & New Tricks? Episode

Rutanya Alda and Bruce L Hart

New Partnerships Galore in Old Dogs & New Tricks‘ ?Hard Bargains?

Old Dogs & New Tricks just released its second episode of the season at www.odnt.tv entitled ?Hard Bargains,? and it?s a doozy, with budding new relationships and a shocking new partnership!

Nathan (Leon Acord) receives a business proposal from arch nemesis Nelson Van Eddy (Bruce L. Hart) that they merge talent agencies.? It seems Nelson needs Nathan as much as Nathan needs cash!? Nathan then discovers a new romantic interest in former model/now multi-millionaire Jake Tyler (Curtis Wayne Brown)!

As if that?s not enough, we also get Rutanya Alda (Mommie Dearest) in the first of her four appearances as Nelson?s no-nonsense personal assistant ?Barbara Fierce.

Meanwhile, Muscles and Lucas (Jeffrey Patrick Olson and Daniel Oliverio) break bread together (with a little push from Brad), Ross (David Pevsner) auditions for and wins a leading role in a Lifetime TV movie, and newly broke Brad (Curt Bonnem) starts liquidating his assets on ?iBuy.?

Hart has nothing but praise for his acting partner Alda. ?I just loved working with Rutanya!? She is such a giving performer,? he says.? ?I got so much electricity from her that I think I was giving off sparks myself!?

And it appears we can expect Barbara and Lydia (played by Amanda Gari) to clash in upcoming episodes as much as their bosses Nathan and Nelson!

The series returns next Wednesday with a special Thanksgiving episode, ?Thanks But No Thanks,? directed by series creator/writer Acord.

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Acord and Curtis Wayne Brown

Amanda Gari as Lydia Lasker

Jeffrey Patrick Olson as Muscles