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The Man Behind Muscles: Q&A with Old Dogs & New Tricks? Jeffrey Patrick Olson

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Poor Al ?Muscles? Carter.? The personal trainer with a heart of gold, played by Jeffrey Patrick Olson in Old Dogs & New Tricks, was heartbroken last season by ex-boyfriend Bobby?s deception.? But it seems he is ready to love again, after meeting musclebound paramedic Lucas (Dan Oliverio) at the gym.

It all seemed promising ? until this week?s episode, ?To Have & Have Not.?? Muscles & Lucas finally moved past ?third base,? but Lucas? odd bedroom behavior suggests things are not going to progress smoothly for the new couple.

We sat down with Jeffrey to talk about Muscles? latest romance, his upcoming appearance in the film Hush Up, Sweet Charlotte, and all those crazy sex scenes!

So Muscles and Lucas finally made it to the bedroom?but it seems like Lucas has issues.? Muscles dealt with sexual incompatibility with Bobby previously.? What?s up with Lucas?

Wow, Muscles “Vanilla” Carter does have his challenges sexually doesn’t he?? Muscles’ relationships go from one extreme in “appetite” to another, you might say.

How did producers find Dan?? It couldn?t have been easy, finding an actor with even bigger muscles than you have!

I think Dan was a fan of the show from early on and had some interesting ideas about collaboration.? It’s really a fascinating journey that’ll peak one’s curiosity.

Regarding physique- I will say, I felt compelled to step up my workouts to prevent being eclipsed by Dan on film.? Yikes!? The boy is UUUUGE!? Can you see me? How about now?

You?ve done some really hilarious sex scenes during the series? run.? What is that like?? Do you enjoy them, or are they a chore?

Haha!? Thanks.? They are really fun for me, too, just because of the inherent ridiculousness and costumes – or lack thereof.? I do what my mom always taught me – think of others – meaning I find joy in seeing the crew squirm.? Kidding!? But, really, it does help take the pressure off you to take it all in.? But in the end, it’s about being truthful to the material, connecting to your partner (like real life) and not making it about you.

One scene with Dan in particular was a bit trying. Because of camera eye lines, I was directed to speak to his pectoral muscle during a fantasy sequence.? I didn’t get that his pec understood my message. ; )

You recently shot a supporting role in Billy Clift?s upcoming spoof of Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte, starring Matthew Martin.? What was that experience like?

Yes!? Matthew Martin as the Bette Davis character, Varla Jean Merman as Olivia de Havilland’s, Jason Stuart, David Millbern and icon Mink Stole as Velma, to name a few.? What a treat!

Jason and I drove up to San Francisco where Billy and crew shot all the interiors.? This was my first “location” shoot – so, that alone was fantastic.? We were hosted in that beautiful city by some other costars and friends of Billy’s, so it made for a very welcoming personal experience. Cioppino…did I mention cioppino?!

My first scenes were filmed at Kink.com’s studios (ours were all clothed – well, mine were) at the old armory, where there happened to be a Halloween haunted house near the basement sets we used.? For a horror parody, it really set the mood!? Not to mention the sex scene giclee’s above the luncheon buffet.? By the way, lamb chops for lunch?!? My god! Amazing craft service.

Shooting was fast and furious, but great fun and with some wonderful artistry.? Must’ve been the astounding talent all around, and faith from director Billy Clift.

It was so great to see and work with Matthew, whose delivery is delicious and impeccable, meet total pro Jeffery/Varla – we talked Crossfit! (just wait for his shirtless butch film debut).? But, I do get to become entranced in Varla’s umm…assets!

Mink – a doll!? Our scenes rocked and I got a kiss on the lips!? Plus, Jason and I really solidified a great friendship.? I can’t say enough and think it’ll be a beautiful, fun flick that I hope gets lots of play at festivals.

What else are you up to these days?

I audition here and there but want to start writing. I am associate producer for some theatrical productions, including some national tours and film.? But – I’m available!

My goal is to write a dramatic bio pic.? I hope I cast me!

How do you juggle your acting career with your career as a doctor?

It’s taken time, but I am finding a great balance.

I have been working hard and experienced much growth in my cosmetic/anti-aging practice.? After hiring a marketing team to rebuild my website [www.jpoaesthetics.com] and do some social media, I just purchased a noninvasive body sculpting device, Vanquish.? I’m very excited about the technology and results.? It is the best tolerated, has the largest surface area for treatment and in studies reduced the depth of adipose tissue or fat by 60%!

Crossfit, schmossfit!

What happens next to Muscles?

Gym. Tan. Longing and Dark Shadows

Are you up for a fourth season?

There’s definitely more story I’d like to show and tell.? Muscles hasn’t yet found his true calling.

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