When the hit comedy web series Old Dogs & New Tricks concluded its successful freshman season, personal trainer ?Muscles? Carter, played by actor Jeffrey Patrick Olson, found himself at an sexual impasse with boyfriend Bobby (played by Young & the Restless? Thom Bierdz).

?Originally, Muscles and Bobby broke up at the end of season one,? explains Old Dogs & New Tricks creator Leon Acord.? ?But Jeffrey and Thom had such great chemistry?and the audience was so vocal about keeping them together ? that we had to go back to the drawing board.?

So when the web series begins its second season (Wed. 1/30 at olddogsnewtrickstheseries.com), Muscles and Bobby will be struggling to solve their unique relationship problem ? which feels ?in character? for Muscles, who is described in the show?s Pilot as a ?pit bull? when it comes to a cause or a friend.? But the road to true love will be anything but smooth.

We recently sat down with Olson to talk about the upcoming season of ODNT.

What was the biggest surprise returning on set to film Season 2 of Old Dogs?

The biggest surprise was cameras.? Our wedding shoot was vastly different from any other in numbers of actors, wonderful guest stars and official and unofficial documentation of the hoopla! Aside from a few red carpet events for me previously, it was intriguing to witness and feel the excitement of those days’ shoots.? Even craft service became a photo-op.

But even from the first table read for Season2, hearing all these wonderful actors, and feeling the energy, you knew it’d be special. Plus, I was asked to give Ian Buchanan, whom I had not yet met, a lift to the Valley.? I was so thankful for a bit of one-on-one time with him prior to the shoot. A gentle, generous soul and new friend.

Season 1 ended with your character, Muscles, finding he had too much in common, sexually speaking, with his boyfriend Bobby (guest star Thom Bierdz).? How does this lead into the new season?

Let?s just say, they both discover new undiscovered talents with a little help from the other Dogs.

Are you like Muscles or not? How so?

His arms are bigger…and I’ve stopped highlighting my hair.? The producers actually built some prosthetic pectorals for me as they just couldn’t find any WeHo actors with a body. (Laughs)? Seriously, I admire Muscles in that he easily identifies his basic needs and doesn’t falter.? We are both very accepting but he draws a line in the sand more readily to his credit ? at least until he meets Bobby.

In your show?s first season, all the characters had some nude scenes.? Does that change in Season 2?

Well, I think Ross and Nathan were in a towel, and disrobing in the throes of passion respectively, but they get to amp it up to a whole new level this season.? Muscles and Brad?? Status quo with new complications and challenges. Fumbling through sexual relevancy…”No genitalia were injured in the filming of this web series.”

You?re comfortable being naked on screen?

Hah!? It’s completely ridiculous, but when you have amazing scene partners, now referring to these “naked” scenarios to Thom Bierdz… the skin becomes a costume and you lose your inhibitions in our precious gift to tell a story.? My pleasure/displeasure in how I look ? what my original physique goals and wherein those results vary ? that’s okay.? My first feature was shot entirely with me in a Speedo, so I guess I’m used to it.? Milk it while you can!

Some could argue that the four ?old dogs,? being somewhat immature and self-absorbed gay men, aren?t the best role models for the gay community in this day and age.? How do you react to that?

That’s a loaded topic.? I don’t think anyone sets out to be a role model. We all do the best we can with the social, intellectual, educational and coping skills we learn and absorb.? I do think, especially in the gay community, one can find many instances where mature men mentor younger men and women as our families now are as diverse as our underwear colors!? ODNT will show some of that altruistic desire to nurture.? But these guys will struggle and it’s the journey, the growth that really shows us who they are…not that they choose the right path off the bat.? But we ain’t the A-List NY either!

Any special moments we should look out for in Season 2?

Chaps.? All I’m sayin.


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