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Interview With ‘Born This Way Blog’ Creator

born This Way is a blog featuring the childhood photos of gay and lesbian men and women that seeks to inspire and encourage struggling youth.

CNN’s Jennifer Smith writes about this blog:

It started with a photograph. A little boy stands beaming in his plaid jumpsuit, hands on his hips and knee cocked just so.

“This is a gay kid,” thought Los Angeles-based DJ “Paul V.,” as he looked at the happy, smiling face.

And with that, Born This Way was, well, born.

“My first thought was, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if there was photographic evidence of gay kids that would show that being gay is something innate and it’s not a choice and that these things come out in us as children?’ ” he says.

Paul V., as he is known professionally, mulled over the idea of turning the concept into a coffee table book, but wanted to move faster after the rash of teen suicides attributed to anti-gay bullying in fall 2010. He created a blog.

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