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Indiewire nominates LGBTQ-friendly, feminist sci-fi web show Peacekeepers for Project of the Year


NEW YORK CITY, 2015. As we find ourselves fully entrenched in the digital era, it?s only right that everyday superheroes communicate via text messages. That device is one of many contemporary elements Charlie Reeves and Maria Makenna have incorporated into their series?Peacekeepers. This new web show, voted IndieWire?s Project of the Week, then Project of the Month, explores modern day vigilantes who evade the reaper one text at a time.

Peacekeepers?is an original science-fiction web series set in New York City that follows Alana–an assistant for these so-called Peacekeepers–as she tries to balance this crazy new job, her love life, and a past that won?t quite leave her alone.

At the moment,?Peacekeepers?is in the running for IndieWire?s Project of the Year, a distinction which will earn their team a seat at the Tribeca Film Institute’s Filmmaker and Industry Meetings in April at the Tribeca Film Festival. Reeves hopes this will gain additional visibility for the series as well as explore avenues to continue creating episodes.? A key goal of the creators is to provide strong roles for women as well as LGBT characters, two demographics highly underrepresented in the world of sci-fi.

With the success of Netflix in quality straight-to-web programming, Reeves and Makenna believe there?s a platform for?Peacekeepers, a show that can be produced at the fraction of the cost of a typical television series. Reeves (story editor from?Whatever This Is, whose production credits include?The Leftovers, Smash,?and?Gotham) and Makenna (a New York theater vet, currently training at the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts), produced the pilot episode of?Peacekeepers?on a budget of $26K and originally?released?the series online on Vimeo.

About the Show:?Peacekeepers?is a new dark comedy that passes the Bechdel Test and echoes?Buffy, Sherlock,?and?Doctor Who. The pilot episode, “The Long Way Down,” ?is the first in a six-episode first season, and a planned three season arc.

Voting for Indiewire’s Project of the Year continues until Friday, January 16th at 5PM EST/2PM PST

VOTE FOR PEACEKEEPERS HERE:?bit.ly/voteforpeacekeepers