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Grindr Releases Best of 2013 Awards, Revealing the Year’s Top Gay Icons and Trends and Predictions for 2014


From the Most Wanted Man in the Grindr Cascade to 2013’s Biggest Social Blunder, Grindr Guys Have Spoken

LOS ANGELES,?Dec. 5, 2013?/PRNewswire/ –?Grindr, the premier all-male geo-social network app, tapped its massive user base to reveal this year’s Best of 2013 Awards. Grindr users from the U.S., U.K. and?Australia?weighed in on everything from their favorite song, to the gay icon of the year to the biggest comeback of 2013. Grindr guys were also surveyed on their predictions for next year on topics such as 2014’s biggest celebrity train wreck, the hottest gadget, and the next celebrity to come out of the closet.

“2013 was another leap forward with gay rights making headline news and more gay characters, story lines and icons integrated into mainstream pop culture,” said Grindr CEO and Founder?Joel Simkhai, “We’re always fascinated to know what’s top of mind for our Grindr guys and this year our users loved?Wentworth Miller’s?coming out, really want to see?Channing Tatumin the Grindr cascade and largely felt that Vladimir Putin was the biggest enemy of the LGBT community in 2013.”

The winners of Grindr’s Best of 2013 Awards are:

  • Gay icon of the year:?Neil Patrick Harris
  • Straight ally of the year:?Lady Gaga
  • Best coming out story:?Wentworth Miller
  • Enemy of the LGBT community:?Vladimir Putin
  • Best song of 2013:?“Same Love: by Macklemore and?Ryan Lewis
  • Best movie of 2013:?Gravity
  • Best TV show on air:?“Modern Family”
  • Most wanted man in the Grindr cascade:?Channing Tatum
  • Best comeback of 2013:?Netflix
  • Social blunders:?Miley Cyrus’?twerking
  • Biggest loss of 2013:?Cory Monteith
  • Next celebrity to come out:?Taylor Lautner
  • Hottest gadget of 2014:?iPad Air
  • Next state/country to legalize gay marriage:?Florida
  • Next celebrity train wreck:?Justin Bieber
  • What will become obsolete:?Facebook

Grindr users were surveyed?between November 14 and November 20, 2013?to cast their votes on the Grindr Best of 2013 Awards.

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