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Good Friends Play Arch Enemies on Web Series

Bruce L Hart and Leon Acord

Old Dogs & New Tricks Releases Latest Fundraising Video?

Leon Acord and Bruce L. Hart discuss playing bitter rivals on Old Dogs & New Tricks in the gay web series? latest fundraising video, ?Bruce & Nelson & Nathan & Leon.?

ODNT is seeking donations for a fourth and final season at igg.me/at/ODNTs4.

The video includes clips of their many on-screen confrontations, as well as never-before-seen behind-the-scenes footage.

?Bruce and I have a great, brittle chemistry,? says Acord, who also created and writes the comedy series.? ?In fact, its better than the chemistry I?ve had with some of the actors playing my love interests!?

How did Hart get involved in the popular web show?? According to Acord, Hart emailed him after seeing the pilot, congratulating Acord on the show?s success, and asking if he could become involved.

?I am so grateful he did,? says Leon.? ?Although sometimes, I wish we hadn?t been quite so open about how well we really get along! We might have gotten more mileage if we pretended to feud in real life!?

?It was an incredible stroke of luck to be able to join this ensemble show,? says Hart. ?And a great opportunity to indulge my inner villain.?

Acord promises that, if the show raises enough money for a full, final season, viewers will not only see more ?dog fights? but also learn the origin of Nathan and Nelson?s animosity.

Currently, the show has raised enough to finance a short-film finale of the series, but not for a full season. The fundraising campaign continues on IndieGoGo until April 4th.

Watch the previous three seasons of the show at http://www.odnt.tv.







2nd 4th teaser

Bruce & Leon On Set

ODNT Pool Fight