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?Ginger Snaps? in Latest New Episode of Old Dogs & New Tricks

Turf War

Old Dogs & New Tricks? fifth episode of its third season, ?Ginger Snaps,? is spilling over with ?whimsical comedic melodrama?* at?http://youtu.be/Nx_Zl3qT_Hc.

And ?ginger??does?snap when Nathan (Leon Acord) quits smoking to please his new boyfriend Jake (Curtis Wayne Brown) ? and immediately begins saying things he?s bound to regret later!??Meanwhile:

  • Brad (Curt Bonnem) finally gets a job, but finds his old habits die hard.
  • Ross (David Pevsner) returns home from his film shoot, and finds soon-to-be ex-husband Neal (Parnell Damone Marcano) waiting for him.
  • And after confiding in Brad & Nathan, Muscles (Jeffrey Patrick Olson) confronts Lucas (Dan Oliverio)?with his suspicions.
  • Nathan?s new business partner, Nelson Van Eddy, is moving in and taking over at the new AVE Talent, even hiring a cute, clueless new intern (Jeremy Bright).
  • Still not enough???How about a turf war between Lydia (Amanda Gari) and Barbara?(special guest star?Rutanya Alda)????It was SO much fun in a bitchy?Dynasty?sort of way!? says Gari.

Did we mention this episode shows the first bare ass in?ODNT?s history? Yeah, we thought that might get you!

The episode also contains music from recording artists?Patria Jacobs?and?Jeffrey George Moline.

?Ginger Snaps? is directed by?Stephen Curtis. The series returns next Wednesday with its sixth new episode, ?Putting the X in X?mas,? directed by?John Cleland.

Watch Old Dogs & New Tricks episode 3.5??Ginger Snaps?


Brad Caught

Bad Date

Muscles is Confused

Oh Really

Ross and Neal