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Exclusive Interview With Multifaceted And Sexy Actor Jeffrey Patrick Olson

To celebrate the season premiere of Old Dogs & New Tricks, Queer Me Up has an exclusive interview with multifaceted and sexy actor Jeffrey Patrick Olson.

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Jeffrey Patrick Olson (‘Muscles’ Carter) is proud to parade his pectorals as Al “Muscles” Carter in Old Dogs & New Tricks!! Might as well, since winning the Gold medal for Physique at the 2006 Gay Games competition. Also hailing from the Midwest, JPO has most recently performed in the Jack Benny Radio Play for AFTRA as a singer and and onstage in DADDY at the Hudson in LA. Also in LA: I Love Lucy Live at Bally’s Las Vegas, Joe DiPietro’s F*cking Men at Celebration Theatre (US Premiere). Chicago favorites: The Ritz (Pride Films and Plays Series), Die! Mommie, Die! (Chicago premiere), Marked Down Woman and Psycho Beach Party. In film, he had the titular role of a sensitive killer in Christopher, featured in the upcoming slasher spoof, Detention with Josh Hutcherson and Dane Cook, a lead role in Pooltime – a romantic comedy and featured as Hercules in an award winning biodocumentary A Sicilian Odyssey. He is an ensemble member of an online sketch comedy group www.SomeComedyThing.com.

In the new comedic web series Jeffrey Patrick Olson plays Al ‘Muscles’ Carter: A personal trainer at a WeHo gym, Muscles has the body of a porn star and the mindset of a 16 year old girl — he’s not putting out til he meets his Mr. Right!

Here’s what Jeffrey tells us about developing his character, sharing hair product and mouthwash with Thom Bierdz, maintaining his great physique, and working with renowned photographers.

Do you get to put your own take on your character?

Of course! Thanks to Leon we were given a luxurious amount of time to develop and flesh out our characters including table reads with the entire cast and valuable feedback from the director during the audition process. With Muscles, an easy potential trap is to play dumb – the stereotypical muscle-head. Thanks to working on my own backstory,reading subsequent episodes, and finding similar qualities and passions with which I could identify… I discover Muscles’ power beyond his innocence, even a technique of survival if you will – in West Hollywood.

How many ?muscles? did you have to build in order to play a personal trainer?

Speaking of development! Well, I did bulk up a bit for the callbacks but luckily I am a mesomorph so I’ve been on a maintenance phase since then. Despite a medical degree, I learned a ton 5 years ago when I competed in Physique at Gay Games Chicago. I’ve had trainers throughout the years, but for this – I trained heavily for a year with my friend and fellow actor John Turk and actually took first place!

I was also blessed to have been photographed by some of the most noted physique photographers thanks to the competition – including Victor Skrebneski and Tom Bianchi. But, I’ll have to thank genetics mostly (and cycling as a teen) for the big gams.

PS -so Mike Ruiz … are you reading this??? I’m ready for eyeliner and football pads! Hehe. Who wants to helm that FB campaign.

Is Thom Bierdz a good kisser? Details!

I’ve learned not to kiss and tell. My partner wouldn’t appreciate it. I’ll let the series speak for itself. ; ) Funny though, despite sexual situations in multiple media, I’ve never had to kiss a man on film. It was a little nerve-wracking and we did discuss our vision and limits. Not that I recall any limits.

Suffice to say it was a treat to work with an actor I watched on Y & R in my 20’s. I got hooked a second time on Y&R when I had to drop out of a Cook County Hospital pediatric rotation third year of medical school thanks to hepatitis A. Philip Chancellor III, Cricket and Nina, kept my mind off my itchy yellow skin.

Thom is such an artist and not only was it an “LA moment” to work opposite him but I gained a new friend.

Queer Me Up asked the following questions to the fourth main actors in the cast, Here are Jeffrey Patrick Olson?s answers:

What?s going to happen at Nathan?s 50 birthday party?

Well, for Muscles – he is steadfast in his adherence to his low carb/low fat physique diet by not partaking in alcohol and birthday cake – a JPO favorite – but we all enjoyed each others’ company on the couch as it was our first group scene. Wait… that sounds bad.

Are there any deleted scenes in ?Old Dogs & New Tricks? and if so, what do they reveal?

I’m not one to look at dailies for certain shots. I think that’s the director’s job. I’m perfectly happy to be an actor. I’m sure all the scenes we filmed are utilized and I’m of course most anxious about the bedroom scene with Thom as far as the “look” – how’s my hair, is my pec hanging on the floor, is there any unsightly fold??? Actually, it was filmed with minimal crew for our comfort, pretty choreographed and we had a great time. But, we are all most critical of ourselves. I first saw myself on the big screen two years ago at the premiere of “Pooltime” at the Pacific Design Center theatre and it took me about 20 minutes to relax into seeing myself up there -in a speedo for most of the movie, no less -and hearing your voice thrown at you bigger than life. Now, I mostly kinda dig it! But I always think the bod can be tighter. Harumph!

With working in web what are the biggest differences from your TV or film (or theatre) work?

I have to say filming was sooooo efficient. There wasn’t a lot of down time. Some short days, some long. But vastly more fun as it’s with people you love, support and have worked with before. Theatre of course entails weeks of rehearsal and then when it’s performance time – you get one shot!

What kind of relationship did you develop with each other? Did you hang out off-set during filming?

We actually all knew each other prior to filming and do enjoy each others’ company offset at screenings, parties, etc. I first met David actually prior to auditioning for Joe DiPietro’s F*cking Men (US Premiere) in which we were then both cast for our roles in the play. Another friend from that play – which was my first in LA – brought me to a performance of the play “Carved in Stone” – where I saw Leon and Curt perform. Who knew we’d later work together??

Do you have any funny anecdotes from the filming you want to share?

Clearly, Thom and I should have communicated prior to our shoot day in the early AM. It was the day after daylight savings and he “says” his earlier than expected arrival was in error but he ALSO shows up with a glorious spray tan while I’m playing Whitey McWhiterson, to quote Kathy Griffin. Oh well! I didn’t hold it against him for being a pro as we immediately bonded, rehearsed and shared hair product and mouthwash. It was a gloriously fun day amongst many for ODNT.

It was a busy time as I was in tech rehearsal for a play during filming. Everything comes at once! I even had to turn down an Oceans 11 type thesis film due to time constraints. So, at the end of a long day of ODNT I sorta had a ministroke and tested the other dogs’ patience while filming the private room scene. Incidentally, it was OPENING NIGHT of the theatre production which was high camp with fast-paced luxe language! I drove to WeHo from Glendale, took a 20 minute “rest”, threw my hair in a pompadour using a hairdryer/curling iron/spray gel/GroomnClean/Aquanet technique, drove over the hill to Valley Village and opened thankfully with no brain farts on stage! But any drag queen’ll tell ya and I may have followed this advice in the past- if you forget your lines… just turn upstage OR flash boobage!


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