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Curtis Wayne Brown: Q&A with Old Dogs & New Tricks? Newest Heartthrob

Curtis Wayne Brown

When Nathan Adler crashed his car into another in the third-season premiere of web series Old Dogs & New Tricks, it seemed like the latest in a string of bad luck for the hapless talent agent (played by Leon Acord).

Lucky for Nathan, the other driver was unflappable Jake Tyler (played by series newcomer Curtis Wayne Brown)?and what could have been yet another unfortunate incident became the ultimate Los Angeles ?meet-cute.?

Along with Nathan, we?ve learned Jake, a former male supermodel in the 80s, has since transformed himself into a multi-millionaire real estate mogul and Zen master. Has neurotic Nathan found a stable partner at long last?

ODNT?s loyal viewers hope so, as they?ve been raving about Jake (and Brown) on social media!? We spoke with Brown about his experiences joining ODNT. [Spoiler alert: Do not read until you?ve watched this week?s episode, ?Thanks But No Thanks,? at http://youtu.be/jHwf76SzY8k ]

You?ve created a bit of a buzz with your portrayal of Jake Tyler.? How did you originally get involved with ODNT?

Thank you, that?s very sweet of you to say. I heard I was trending and honest to God I don?t even know what that means. Anyway, my friend Amanda, who plays Nathan?s zany secretary, Lydia, is an original cast member and gave me a heads-up they were casting a role she thought I?d be right for.

Jake really seems almost too good to be true.? Handsome, rich, well-adjusted.? Does he have some dark, terrible secret?

As an actor, of course I?ve developed a backstory for Jake. And I certainly hope he has a dark side, which I actually feel is reflected several times in the material. Jake?s meditation and healthy living suggests some sort of spiritual transformation, and it would be interesting to delve into his hard-partying ways during his years as a Times Square billboard model. But I do believe whatever he went through he has been able to overcome and keep in check.

Jake seems highly evolved, yet Nathan is kind of a nervous wreck.? It?s easy to see what Nathan sees in Jake.? But what in the world, do you think, does Jake see in Nathan?

A lot. I believe Jake is drawn to Nathan?s innocent, childlike nature. And for a man who?s always so in control of his emotions, I?m sure Jake?s entertained by Nathan?s spontaneity and nervous energy.

So, you?re acting opposite the guy who also created, writes and produces the show.? Does that cause any anxiety?

Not one bit. When I auditioned, he asked me to put down my script and proceed with the scene, which demonstrated a theatrical background we both share. It allowed me to loosen up and trust my acting instincts.

ODNT is pretty well known for its outrageous sex scenes.? Are you in any of those this season?

Unfortunately not. What?s up with that?

So tell us a bit about Curtis Wayne Brown.? What?s your background?

I grew up in Northern California. I wanted to be architect or veterinarian, but when Saturday Night Fever came out, all I could think about was dancing like John Travolta. I joined this dance troupe called Nancy Miller?s Dancers and got to perform all over Northern California. My favorite performance had to be Danny Zuko from Grease. At 18, I moved to New York City and started working out at the Body Center where — by the way — Chris Meloni worked as a personal trainer. I heard about an open casting call for a new TV show. 300 people turned out — including Ricky Martin, who was a kid in this group I?d never heard of called Menudo! They picked 10 of us guys and I was one of them. A casting agent named Nina Fineman took me in to meet the producers. It went nowhere, but I caught the acting bug.

Since then, I?ve studied theater in New York and Los Angeles, landed a few commercials and movie roles. On the set of the TV movie Brotherhood of the Gun there was a lot of bickering on set. I had more fun hanging with the hair and makeup people and decided to pursue a career in styling as well. Three years ago, the Ford Agency in San Francisco told me I needed to get serious again about my acting career. They found me an agent in L.A. where I?ve been working as an actor and barber in Beverly Hills. Come book an appointment with Jake Tyler at BrunosChopShop.com!

What?s ahead for you?

I can?t wait to find out. I?ve been building a very happy and healthy home life with my partner and our dog, Wally. I?ve been going out on tons of commercial and print auditions and seeking theatrical representation.

So, a fourth season.? If the show returns, will Jake be back?

You tell me. But I?m sure up for it! I believe we?ve only just scratched the surface of this mysterious man, and it could be fascinating to see what?s lurking underneath.

Watch Old Dogs & New Tricks episode 3.3 “Thanks But No Thanks”?

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