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Curt Bonnem: Q&A with Old Dogs & New Tricks? Bad Boy ?Brad King?


Poor Brad King.? Old Dogs & New Tricks? cocky one-hit wonder is having a bad time in the web series? third season.? The perennial party boy?s gravy train has screeched to a halt, with Mars/Milky Way discontinuing use of his one hit, ?Bite Me,? for their commercials.? What?s a guy to do??

Well, as we see in this week?s episode, Brad tries to begin a career as a sex worker!

We spoke with Curt Bonnem, the amazing actor who plays Brad, to learn about the latest twists and turns in the show?s new season?and how it?s reflecting ?real life? with this new storyline.? [Spoiler alert: Do not read until you?ve watched this week?s episode, ?Thanks But No Thanks,? at http://youtu.be/jHwf76SzY8k.

Brad is between a rock and a hard place this season. ?He lost his meal ticket when the candy bar company stopped licensing his song ?Bite Me.? ?He?s sold his gold record. ?He tried (and failed) to become an escort. ?What next?

Things are definitely tough for Brad. He?s been on easy street for his entire adult life, if you can call him adult in any manner other than between the sheets. Well, it?s time for Brad to do a little growing up, and it won?t be easy. He?s going to have to figure out what other endowments he has to offer, and as always get a little help from his friends.

Why doesn?t Brad just get a job?

Who says he won?t? What do you think would be a good job for Brad, if it isn?t the kind that starts with a ?b?? It?s a tough market out there for an aging has-been one-hit wonder who?s never really worked a day in his life. But that?s not going to stop Brad from giving it his best shot.

Do you think Brad’s storyline is reflective of what going on in the country’s economy today?

Sadly, it’s all too reflective of what’s happening. Well, sort of. There aren’t a ton of people out there who are losing out on their nest egg because their song royalties going away. However, I personally have experienced this type of thing over the past few years. After almost a decade of service with a startup, helping shape the company into what it became, I was unceremoniously let go and replaced by two workers based in Mexico. It was not to save on my salary; it was to get back the shares in the company I had, given to me as incentive to stay. So, I all too well understand being thrown back into the unemployment pool after years of financial stability.

In previous seasons, it seemed Brad was hooking up with someone new in almost every episode. ?Yet, this season we?ve yet to see any sex scenes with him. ?And just when we thought he?d have sex with his ?John,? the guy took a hike. ?Is Brad ever going to have sex again? ?Was this a conscious effort of the show to ?change? Brad?

If there?s one thing we know, it?s that Brad can?t manage too long without some good lovin?. A tiger can?t change its stripes and all. As for a conscious effort, it?s just a product of Leon and his wonderful writing, and why we?ve managed to continue on to a third season. Characters need to grow and change, while maintaining those qualities which make them likeable and relatable. Leon manages with every episode and every season to walk that line like the pro he is.

Leon Acord directed this week?s episode, but he said it was a breeze because the Old Dogs direct themselves. ?Is that true? ?What was it like having Leon direct this one?

Having a long history working with Leon, it was both a pleasure and very exciting to have Leon at the helm. As with everything else, he brings an amazing amount of talent, experience and love to anything he takes on and unsurprisingly did a fantastic job. We?re also incredibly lucky to have a killer crew that have been working on this show since day one. At this point, we could probably hire a dancing monkey to direct, and these guys would make it gold. However, Leon doesn?t throw his feces, so that?s a bonus.

Any clues about what happens to Brad in the rest of the season?

Let?s just say that the position he?s in…puts him in some interesting positions. We know something has to change for him to survive, so you?ll get to see him in situations he?s not used to dealing with. Some are laughable, others are a little tragic. I?m excited for the audience to get to experience some new sides of Brad. It was definitely a joy to discover them myself.

Is there going to be a fourth season?

Do you want to see a fourth season? I sure do. Only the entertainment gods can say at this point. But if you know any big money producers looking for the best gay web-series online to put their money into, send ?em our way!

What?s your favorite thing about Brad?

It?s tough to name one! From the moment I read the first episode I fell in love with this guy. If I had to distill it down it would be his purity of character. He is who he is. He makes no apologies or excuses and says what he means.

Is there anything about him you don?t like, or wish you could change?

Seriously? Maybe it sounds clich?, but the answer is truly nothing. Brad is just as he should be. Does he have flaws? Most definitely, but that?s Brad. It?s what makes him so much fun to play, and to watch.

What?s coming up for Curt Bonnem?

More fun on stage and screen. Hopefully, a decent snowboarding season. I think I might try to fulfill the goal of surfing (very poorly,) playing golf and snowboarding all in one day. Or just stay home and snuggle my cats. Who knows!?

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