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Caroline Reid Steps Out From Pam Ann In New One-Woman Comedy Show, ?I Wanted To Be An Olympic Figure Skater?

This Halloween Weekend, While Everyone Else is Putting On Their Costumes, Caroline Reid Strips Out of Hers for One Night Only at Joe?s Pub in New York

New York, NY ? The comedian behind Pam Ann, the delightfully delusional airhostess to the stars, strips off her flight attendant uniform for one night only this Halloween weekend. In the brand new one-woman show, ?I Wanted to Be An Olympic Figure Skater?, Caroline Reid performs her first live show as her true self. Written by the comedian, the show details Reid?s real life journey through childhood down under: from her first job selling meat to getting caught shoplifting ? all the while dreaming of one day competing for Olympic gold. Caroline Reid performs ?I Wanted to Be An Olympic Figure Skater? October 28th at 11:30pm at Joe?s Pub (425 Lafayette Street, NYC).

?I realized Pam Ann was taking over my life when even my own Mum started calling me by her name,? explained Caroline Reid from her Manhattan home. ?It is time I step out from Pam?s Pucci-clad shadow and reveal the real Caroline Reid.?

The real Reid may surprise fans of the fabulously raunchy Pam Ann. In her show, Reid describes growing up in a family that was ?American Beauty? meets ?Ice Storm?. All looked rose-colored from the outside but through the over-cleaned sliding glass door was a very different reality.

When her eccentric fur-coat clad mother announced she and Caroline?s father were divorcing, Caroline rebelled by quitting the sport she loved and forming a derelict girl gang called the ?scrubbers?. They smoked, yelled obscenities at passersby, vandalized mailboxes, and caused havoc for their small suburban town.

It wasn?t until Caroline turned 21 when she joined an acting class, that Reid?s life began to change for the better. Pam Ann was born and Caroline discovered comedy as a way to escape her troubled reality.

?Mine is a story of conquering fear and finding my voice through a saucy, no holds barred alter ego,? says Reid.

?Pam Ann would tell the young me to fuck off and get a life.?

Through Pam Ann, that?s exactly what Caroline Reid has done.