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Caroline Reid Is PAM ANN?

You probably know her best for her hysterical portrayal of Pam Ann, the beloved air hostess to the stars. Now Caroline Reid is stepping out from the fabulous and outrageous character to perform her first live show as her true self.

The hilarious Australian comedienne will bring her one-woman show ?I Wanted to Be An Olympic Figure Skater? to New York October 28th at 11:30pm at Joe?s Pub (425 Lafayette Street,NYC).

Check out Queer Me Up exclusive interview with Caroline Reid the comedienne behind Pam Ann.

Where did your sense of humor come from, what influenced you growing up?

I was actually very shy growing up so I guess through years of silence I had to break through and find my voice or else I would still be in Melbourne hiding in a fitting room in a dress shop.

Tell us about your brand new one-woman show “I want To Be An Olympic Figure Skater’

It’s full of hysterical stories about my family and growing up in suburban Australia. From being chased by gangs because I was a goth, forming a girl gang called the “Scrubbers” , shop lifting, fingering my best friend Martine and many more stories of life down under. It isn’t all sun surf and G’day mate!

What was your inspiration for the show?

I wanted to create a show where I didn’t have to put on an air hostess and talk about airlines. I guess it’s some form of therapy talking about your own life on stage.

How do you manage to stand in front of strangers and make them laugh within a few seconds?

Fuck I have never thought about that before and I guess it’s best I don’t or else I might freak the fuck out lol

When did you first realize you had a gay following? why do think gay audiences feel drawn to you?

I have always been part of the gay community since I was 16yrs old. When I could escape suburbia I ran to the trannies and drag queens. I never thought of them as gay I have always thought of them as my family. I am drawn to the gays as much as they are drawn to me.

What is it that you enjoy the most about being a comedian?

Making people laugh is the best feeling ever. And the best nights are the ones when an audience and the performer connect. This is when things just come out of your head you had no idea were there. Bill Cosby once said if you trust the audience and the audience trusts you that’s when all the doors open in your head and the real magic happens.

What have been some of the most exciting and enjoyable experiences of your career?

Touring with Cher, crewing a private jet for Elton John to Venice and performing in Paris.

Could you describe an average day in the life of Pam Ann?

Busy Busy Busy.

What does it take to be a glamorous, hilarious and outrageous air hostess?

Cocaine and champagne.

Tell us about The Pam Ann City Guides app.

If you ever wondered what Pam Ann did, stayed, ate on her layovers in the Big Apple, London or Sydney this APP is for you. Plus it has some fab photos and videos on it to pass the time in the airport if you are delayed.

Can you tell us what your current projects are and what you might have lined-up for the future?

I am filming a brand new DVD live from Joe’s Pub in NYC which will be released in June 2012, touring Europe and Australia in 2012 going to Tel Aviv and Istanbul for the first time performing. I also hope to tour Northern America in 2012 as well, lots of touring and hopefully some TV or maybe a Pam Ann film!