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65 Long-term LGBTQ Couples Celebrated in Forthcoming Coffee Table Book, Endorsed by Freedom To Marry, HRC

First Comes Love

Available September 26,?First Comes Love?is a new coffee table photo book that celebrates the lives and enduring relationships of LGBTQ couples from across the U.S.

The brainchild of Philadelphia photographer Barbara Proud (aka B. Proud), the book is just one element of the ?First Comes Love” Project, a traveling?exhibition?of photographs, stories and video interviews documenting LGBTQ couples who have been together for 10, 20, 30, 40, and even 50 years.?www.firstcomeslove.org

When the “First Comes Love” Project began in March of 2009, Proposition 8 had just outlawed same-sex marriages in California and the Defense of Marriage Act still barred the federal government from from marrying a person of the same-sex. Now 5 years later, though DOMA has been declared unconstitutional and Proposition 8 has been defeated for good, there are currently 31 states where gay and lesbian marriage remains illegal.

LGBTQ couples continue to face discrimination based on myths, prejudice and popular misconceptions. ?First Comes Love? seeks to change attitudes, open hearts, and propel the marriage equality movement simply by introducing and sharing the love-stories of 65 real American long-term same-sex couples. By doing so, Proud hopes to educating those outside of the LGBTQ community, while celebrating those who are a part.

?First Comes Love?has it right,? says supporter Evan Wolfson, President ofFreedom To Marry. ?It’s the faces and stories of real people that open hearts and minds and pave the way to legal and social change.?

First Comes Love?is more than a book of beautiful photography, it?s an essential document,” says fellow endorser,?HRC?President, Chad Griffith. “It testifies to a moment in history that all of us made possible and none of us will ever forget ? when our community left the closet for good, and equality finally became a mainstream American value.”

Barbara Proud is a commercial and fine art photographer (B. Proud Photography, Inc.) and Adjunct Associate Professor?at the The University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

A “First Comes Love” Project exhibition will be on display at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia from?September 26 ? 30, 2014. The exhibition opening celebration and official book launch will take place on the evening of the 26th, from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.

First Comes Love?by B. Proud, hardback, 148 pages, 65 black and white portraits and stories.?Foreword is by Edie Windsor.?Available September 26, 2014 on Soleil Press. More info and pre-orders at?www.firstcomeslove.org.

First Comes Love Project Trailer from B. Proud on Vimeo.

First Comes Love 2