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Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka Cover The Love Issue Of ‘Out Magazine’

Hollywood couple Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka cover The Love Issue Of ‘Out Magazine’. in the inside article Neil and David talk about their beautiful love story. Get some tissues because you will probably cry reading this!

Neil Patrick Harris talks about his partner David:

There?s something kinetic about him and his being. He?s classically sexy, yet he?s very much a boy in his energy. It?s a great dynamic. When I see people who are equally attractive, they tend to seem more quiet and kind of Marlboro Man-y, and David?s the antithesis of that. He?s more like Tigger. I?m, in turn, very introspective — the thinker, rather than the doer. I tend to weigh options before making decisions, and David is the polar opposite of that. We?re hyper similar and also incredibly opposite. We share a wardrobe. We have the same shoe size, body size, height, and weight. We?re both Gemini. We both like the idea of family — not a nuclear family, but a social family. Yet, we?re incredibly opposite in the way we process information

David Burtka talks about his partner Neil:

We talk on the phone at least eight times a day and text at least 25 times a day. We are, in a way, very codependent. He?s my lifeline, in an amazing way. Without him, I can?t breathe. The biggest thing is that he makes me laugh, but he?s also smart. He can do everything. I?m not kidding; I think he?s half robot. He makes me a little more grounded, and I bring out the wild side in him. Don?t get me wrong — we fight. Our fights last five minutes, then we?re over it. And we?re both Gemini — we have a good twin and a bad twin, and the four of us get along really well!

Read the full story of how Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka fell in love, “When Stars Collide.”with Photographs by Matthew Kristall

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