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Heather Matarazzo Will Marry Her Longtime Girlfriend Carolyn Murphy

American actress Heather Matarazzo has announced her plans to marry Longtime Girlfriend Carolyn Murphy

The Associated Press has the story:

Heather Matarazzo has played some tough parts in her career ? from Dawn Weiner in “Welcome to the Dollhouse” to Sadie Atkins in the upcoming “Manson Girls.” But the 28-year-old actress sees her next role as the most important.

With New York becoming the sixth, and largest, state to legalize same-sex marriage, Matarazzo plans to wed longtime girlfriend Carolyn Murphy.

“My eyes and spirit have opened up since I found someone that I get to share my life with,” Matarazzo says of Murphy.

But the couple had no desire to make history last Sunday by getting married on the first day the law took effect.

“I always wanted a wedding,” Murphy says. “Not a trip to City Hall.”

Wanting to share their union with their closest friends and family, the couple opted to plan their dream wedding. Though plans are still in the making, both seem to favor a bucolic setting in the fall or spring for the ceremony and reception. And with large families on both sides, Murphy expects the wedding list to top 200 guests.

For the ceremony, Matarazzo envisions wearing a simple, off-white dress, but has yet to find the right one.

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