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Uganda Kill The Gays Bill May Be Ready To Be Passed

Uganda’s anti-gay bill is under discussion in the Ugandan parliament today, it could receive its final vote next week before Parliament ends on Wednesday.

The New Civil Rights Movement reports:

The Uganda Kill The Gays Bill, aka the Anti-Homosexuality Bill (AHB) may be quickly on its way to becoming law, as the Uganda lame duck parliament?s session comes to a fast close, possibly on May 11 ? just days from now. The bill, infamous around the world for its provision mandating the death penalty for anyone convicted of the ?crime? of homosexuality, anyone convicted of same-sex rape, anyone who is classified as a ?serial offender,? even anyone with HIV, may or may not include the death penalty provision, according to author of the bill, David Bahati, who claimed last week he would ?concede? the provision if it would move the bill into law. Many believe that concession to be a ruse. Contrary to a published AP report, the death penalty provision has not been dropped.

Gay Uganda Blog adds:

Less than a week ago, the opposition parties started a ‘walk-to-work’ peaceful protest. The government responded with over whelming violence. Currently, as I write, the major opposition leader is in neighbouring Kenya, for medical attention for injuries he received during one of his 4 arrests. They sprayed tear gas and pepper direct into his face, after breaking down his car windows. And, this was in full view of the press.

The next day, riots paralysed the country. It was after the video of that arrest was shown on TV. Ugandans, the citizens of the country were appalled. They came out on strike. And, the government responded with overwhelming violence again. So bad that the spectre of Idi Amin Dada, famous dictator and life president of Uganda was raised.

So, the country is in a ferment. With the coronation to happen in just a few days time. So, the Anti-Homosexuality Bill is beind discussed… and ready to be passed.

So, it is a DIVERSION. The government needs a heady diversion for the country. For the outraged citizens of Uganda.

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