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Catholic Charity Appeal Over Gay Adoption Dismissed

Court rules against the charity, which wanted to exclude gay couples from its adoption service.

The Associated Press reports:

A Catholic charity which wants exemption from equality laws which would force it to provide its adoption services to gay couples has had its latest appeal rejected.

Catholic Care, which is based in the Diocese of Leeds, has spent more than two years arguing it will have to give up its work finding homes for children if it has to comply with recent equality regulations which prohibit discrimination against same-sex couples wanting to adopt.

The complex legal debate ended up in the High Court last year before it was referred back to the Charity Commission which again refused to back Catholic Care’s stance.

A tribunal dismissed the charity’s appeal, supporting the Charity Commission’s ruling. In its decision, the tribunal acknowledged there would be “a loss to society if the charity’s skilled staff were no longer engaged in the task of preparing potential adopters to offer families to children awaiting an adoption placement”.

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