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Argentina Will Debate Gender Identity Law

Argentinian congress will debate a new gender identity law that will allow transgender people to change their names and gender on legal documents

Guardian UK has the report:

The Argentinian congress began the debates for a proposed gender identity law. If passed, this law would allow transgender people to correct their names and gender on all legal documents, including birth certificates, IDs and passports through a quick procedure.

According to first-hand accounts in local media, never before have there been so many trans activists in a congressional debate session. The debates have been set in motion by four different projects, each supported by a group of legislators and NGOs, each of them with a slightly different approach to providing a legal framework for identity issues that are currently addressed through court procedures that leave the final decision in the hands of judges and magistrates. The main differences between projects are based on healthcare services for those who wish to undertake hormone and/or surgeries as part of the transition processes.

If congress approves one of these four projects, the gender identity law would be another landmark in Argentina’s efforts for LGBTQ equality.

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