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Watch Gay U.S.A. Trailer

Filmmaker Kristina Lapinski has released the trailer for her upcoming documentary Gay U.S.A.

About The Film

Kristina Lapinski is producing GAY U.S.A. the Movie and has amassed hundreds of hours of footage for over a year reflecting encounters, interviews and scenes at every spectrum of the equality movement, speaking to both proponents and opponents of LGBT rights.

Kristina has extended her reach from liberal to right, extrapolating revealing footage that will serve to open the door to the millions of Americans who are unacquainted with gay rights in America.

The film will address the law and politics of gay rights, how these issues impact our families across generations, and the philosophical core of the religious and scientific debate. Gay U.S.A. is an in depth exploration of the gay rights debate, and sheds light on the varying perspectives of the issue as spoken by Americans from across the country.

Filmmaker Kristina Lapinski describes the film.

This film will be the first full spectrum gay rights documentary with the power to ?change hearts and minds.? It will command the attention of an audience that would otherwise not be exposed to this content. As a popular culture piece, GAY U.S.A. the Movie will be a game changer in the public?s understanding of the gay community. Most Americans have only been exposed to anti-gay propaganda (especially in religious communities). There is yet to be a comprehensive tool, for wide exposure, that can serve to dispel the cruel myths and falsehoods that have resulted in discriminatory legislation on a State and Federal level, usurping LGBT Americans of their inherent and basic right to equality.

Dispelling those myths and decrying the deception is an imperative key to attaining full equality in the U.S.A. This film will be capable of reaching the ambivalent and those who have misconceptions. The goal is to procure a social movement, which will assist the real political discourse required to alter the stakes in the LGBT community?s quest for rights as it seeks parity with all Americans in the U.S.A.

GAY U.S.A. the Movie seeks to transform the discussion, through the reconciliation of faith, belief, and true American values.

Watch the trailer

Visit GAY USA THE MOVIE WEBSITE for more information.