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Sal Mineo Biopic Behind The Scene Images

Check out these behind the scene images of James Franco directing actor Val Lauren in the much-anticipated Sal Mineo biopic.

About the film

Coming soon….A film about the rise of teen idol Sal Mineo. Once one of the hottest stars in Hollywood, our story follows Sal’s meteoric rise to the top then, through that “Hollywood slump” that so many in Hollywood experienced. Sal however so eloquently fought his way through it and just as he was going to reemerge as a Hollywood heavyweight, his life was tragically cut short. As a reality and achievement of this film, Sal Mineo will receive his due recognition and star on Hollywood?s Walk of Fame, closing the final chapter of the “Forgotten Legend?s” life.

James Franco has wrapped up directing the biopic, it took only nine days to shoot all the scenes.

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