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Romantic Comedy “I Want To Get Married”

“I Want To Get Married” is a poignant and sweet silly comedy about a gay nerd who has never focused on having a relationship.

About the film

It’s the week before California’s historic 2008 election. Prop. 8 is on the ballot, and Paul’s life is falling apart. His mother has left his father, his father is lost in the desert, his new advertising client may just turn out to be a major proponent of Prop 8, and Paul desperately wants to get married. Trouble is, with only a week to go before the big election, Paul hasn’t even got a boyfriend.


Paul, a sweet geek, wants to get married 6 days before Proposition 8 passes. Can Paul find love in just 6 days?

Paul Roll (Matthew Montgomery) a lovable nerd, has achieved everything he?s set his mind to? except? he?s never been successful at finding a man. After witnesses the marriage of his best friends Rebecca ( Ashleigh Sumner) and Susan (Jessica Gardner), 6 days before election day 2008, he realizes he desperately wants to get married.

Paul and his business partner Terry, (Emrhys cooper) much to his secretary?s chagrin, Tess (Jane Wiedlin)… due to the economy take on a new client, THE FAMILY, an ultra conservative conglomerate headed by a disney like villain, Miss Deborah Anderson (Mark Chambers). Tootsie Roll ( Lisa Frank), Paul?s mother who doesn’t agree with gay marriage impulsively gives money to The Family. Gregory (Pat M.J. Finerty) Paul?s father, finds out, blows his top and Tootsie storms out and begins a journey of self discovery in a run down casino in the middle of nowhere… and with the help of an old crusty lounge singer, Miss Piggy B, (Matthew Martin) who just happens to be Paul?s childhood idol.

Through a series of terrible dates, Paul?s father searching for his lost wife, Paul telling The Family they can take there money and go? Prop 8 passes.. Paul finds the man of his dreams, Jim (Peter Stickles) and marries someday in the future… when it?s hopefully legal again in California.

The World Premiere of Writer/Director Billy Clift’s “I Want To Get Married” will be At The Palm Springs Gay and Lesbian Film Festival on Thursday, September 22nd, 2011. Get Tickets HERE

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