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Queens World Film Festival’s LGBTQ Program 2014?

Queens World Film Festival

The 4th Annual Queens World Film Festival is coming back to Long Island City and Jackson Heights with an exciting roster of international queer films! Sponsored by Queens Pride.

Experience a collection of LGBTQ movies, a fascinating exploration into the complexities of contemporary queer life.

Wed March 5th, 6pm: ?The Little House That Could? @ Nesva

Thu March 6th, 830pm: ?Family Struggle? ? Docs @The Secret Theater

Fri March 7th, 2pm: ?Lets Get By Together? ? Short Film Program @ Nesva

Queens, NY?? February 25, 2014???The Queens World Film Festival is pleased to announce a stellar collection of LGBTQ films this March with an audacious array of documentary features and animated shorts. QWFF Programmer Jordan Mattos reached out to Frameline Film Festival programmer Frances Wallace early last year to create a dialogue among the film festivals. ?I knew Frances Wallace would be able to connect us with films that I felt represented the interests of the community in Queens. They are the go-to festival for challenging queer cinema, and discerning Queens audiences should expect nothing but the best from the partnership.?



The Little house that Could.? ? a documentary about Patricia Field

Emmy Award-winning stylist, Patricia Field, has done a lot more than Sex and the City. She has spent several decades saving lives and giving hope to lost outsiders who society frowned upon–transsexuals, club kids, drag queens, gay teenagers, butch-dykes, people who needed to escape from their hometowns because they were never understood. This is the story of a close-knit unconventional family in New York City–the House of Field–who have singlehandedly changed music and fashion for the world several times over. Their story is one of courage, hope and dreams.

Family Struggle ? Two riveting LGBTQ documentaries


THE ABOMINABLE CRIME, at heart, is a story about a mother’s love for her child and an activist’s troubled love for his country. It also gives voice to gay Jamaicans who, in the face of endemic anti-gay violence, are forced to flee their homeland.

A Self-Made Man

A SELF-MADE MAN is a feature length documentary that takes a candid look at what it means to be transgender, told through an intimate portrait of trans youth advocate Tony Ferraiolo.

A Self-Made Man trailer from Lori Petchers on Vimeo.

Let?s Get By Together ? A block of short films for every audience

A friendly cartoon blob doesn’t know if it?s a boy, a girl, both or neither; an intersection of harsh realities on the way to an HIV test; tattoos that dance. A collection of short stories that demand to be heard.

For tickets and more information about?QWFF, visit?www.queensworldfilmfestival.com. ?For info on Queens pride, please visit queenspride.org