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Magnus: A New Dark Comedy

Mangus Spedgwick has had one dream his whole life? He wants to be Jesus ? in his high school?s annual production of ?Jesus Christ Spectacular”


Mangus Spedgewick is handicapped. Make that ?handicapable?. He lost his legs in a tragic drunk driving accident the night of his high school prom. Now with a father who is going to fight the war in Iraq, and a stepmother who simply can?t handle the ?upkeep? of the young crippled, Mangus goes to live with his birth mother, Cookie and stepfather (who is only a few years older than him) and his lesbian half sister in a secluded trailer park in the small town of Rivercity, Texas.

While there, he auditions for the role of Jesus in their community theater production of Jesus Christ Spectacular (the cheap offspring of Jesus Christ Superstar)?but the town leaders don?t want a crippled Jesus. Mangus decides to take on their discriminatory casting and fights their decision. Will he get to be their towns first crippled Jesus? Not without a hard fight, a road trip and breaking the law a few times along the way.


The film stars notable talent including the very funny and loveable Jennifer Coolidge, best known as Stifler?s mom in ?American Pie? and her funny turns in films like ?Legally Blonde? and ?Best in Show?.

Veteran actress Heather Matarazzo is playing a character named Jessica Simpson, reports the New York Post ? but isn?t playing the singer in the film. Ms. Matarazzo was last seen in ?Hostel 2? but is best known for her role of Dawn Weiner in ?Welcome to the Dollhouse? for which she won the Impendent Spirit Award for Best Debut Performance. She is also frequently recognized from her roles in ?The Princess Diaries? franchise, in which she co-stars with Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews, as well as the hit ?Saved!?.

Crowd favorite Leslie Jordan (best known for his Emmy Award winning role on ?Will and Grace?) is playing Bruce Jackson ? the local theater teacher.

Cult Filmmaker (best known for ?Hairspray?, ?Pink Flamingos?) has a special cameo!

Deborah Theaker (?Waiting for Guffman?) joined the cast as Raquel ? Mangus?s stepmother.

The film has been the featured in several film festivals with great success and it will be released on DVD later this year.

If you happen to be in North Carolina check out Mangus! this Sunday at the Fine Arts Theatre, Asheville, NC.

The film is also be screen October 5 in the 15th Annual Portland Lesbian & Gay Film Festival.

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