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Judy Gets Happy

Stand up and salute the biggest gay icon in history, Judy Garland!

This is her famous performance from the movie ?Summer stock? 1950.

I like to get happy with Judy, sometimes when I?m completely alone I perform this choreography in front of the mirror; while the creepy neighbour in the building across the street is checks me out trough his telescope. I don?t close the curtains because secretly I think he?s a sexy psycho.

I wear my black aussiebum jockstraps and my beach Pamela; the whole ensemble complements my figure despite my extra inches of belly. My goal is not to be a Judy?s impersonator; I just do it for the kicks, it helps me release some of my queerness so I can behave more ?butch? in front of my friends. It is a catharsis process. The only problem is that I haven?t been able to find some hot male dancers to join me. Oh, wait a minute, I did that a few years ago but it wasn?t a dance number it was a gangbang.