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Independent Feature Musical Film “Leave It On the Floor”

Leave It on the Floor is a spanking, hot, independent feature film musical with eleven original songs set in the contemporary ball culture of Los Angeles. The film is the twenty-year passion project of award-winning director Sheldon Larry, with an exceptional screenplay and lyrics by Glenn Gaylord, an original score by Beyonce?s creative director Kim Burse, and heart-thumping choreography by Frank Gatson Jr. the wizard behind Beyonce?s image and music videos (including the ?Single Ladies? phenomenon and J.Lo?s current hit ?On the Floor?).

The film was shot in Los Angeles this past summer with eye-popping visuals, extraordinary music, and breakout performances by a cast of unknowns who act and sing and dance. In addition, it features a song by Beyonce, and a surprise performance by the amazing artist Ledisi.

Many people remember the Jennie Livingston documentary, ?Paris Is Burning? that first shone a light on this vital underground sub-culture in New York some 20 years ago. The ball-scene was the inspiration for Madonna?s song ?Vogue?. Leave It on the Floor is set in LA?s voguing and ball culture?.still very underground but still exciting and vibrant, stylish, fierce and fabulous. Ball scenes exist in most major urban centers in the U.S. today.

Groups of young African-Americans, largely gay and trans-gendered (with some Latinos and Asians), mostly runaways and throwaways, victims of rejection, bullying, violence and homelessness, come together below the radar, to create innovative music, dance, theater, design and, most importantly, community.

The film tells the story of an outsider, Brad, who?s been thrown out of his own dysfunctional family onto the mean streets in LA. By chance, like Alice down the rabbit hole, he stumbles into a ball, a startling underground scene populated by a ragtag assortment of strays. Brad?s journey is the journey of the film to where he ultimately will find home, love and acceptance in this new, most unlikely of places. The score is an impressive mix of hip-hop, techno and house and gives the en?tire film its heart-pumping pulse; the dance numbers and choreography bring it alive. It?s been compared to Rent and been called ?Saturday Night Fever for the millennium?.

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