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HEELS the movie- An emotional ride for filmmaker Ricky Reidling

When filmmaker/actor Ricky Reidling set out on his journey to make his second film the comedy titled ” HEELS” almost 5 years ago he had no idea that it would be one of the worst emotional endeavors he would ever encounter in his life. He had a set schedule that the film should be wrapped in about 6-8 weeks. About three weeks into the filming process his father passed away from a stroke.

Taking time off for grieving was needed and when he was ready to start back up again his crew and actors had started working on other projects so he had to cater the scheduling toward his actors and crew schedule.

Almost a year later and two days before his last day of filming, he received the call that his sister to whom he was very close with was killed in a horrible car accident. Devastation swept over him and one of his lead actors was moving out of state the following week and if he did not the film, the movie would never get completed. Knowing his sister would want him to move forward he managed somehow to get through that last day of filming. Ricky states if you watch him during the club scenes you can see how worn he looked.

HEELS is a fantastic comedy featuring that we hope you will check out it features some of billboards top dance music by The Perry Twins, Cynthia Manley, Inda Matrix and co-stars Tom Lowe from American Idol and Britt Prentice from John Waters ” A Dirty Shame” and is distributed by www.waterbearerfilms.com

Starring: Ricky Reidling, Albertossy Espinoza,Julie Ann Nill,Roxy Wood,Tim Garrrett and Mark Freeman. Written and Directed By Ricky Reidling

Check out this amazing film and see the great performances by an amazing cast.

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