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British Gay Comedy ‘Buffering’

From the makers of Shank and Release a new comedy about sex, money and the benefits of a fast broadband connection.

A film written and directed by Darren Flaxstone and Christian Martin. Winner of Best Script Festival del Sol 2011.


Seb and Aaron have overspent and built up debts on their credit card. Aaron decides to take matters into his own hands and secretly films their sex life to broadcast online. The money pours in until he gets caught! Realising that the scheme could sort their financial problems, Seb agrees to allow things to continue until they are ?back in the black?.

When their friend Jem arrives and suggests a third party might help them make even more cash, things start to get a little tricky.

Written & Directed by Darren Flaxstone and Christian Martin.

Starring: Alex Anthony, Conner Mckenzy, Jessica Matthews, Oliver Park and Bernie Hodges.

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