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British Director Receives World Premiere of ?D?niel ? at Palm Springs International Film Festival

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D?niel, the most recent work from London based director Dean Loxton, will have its worldwide premiere at the Palm Springs International Film Festival on the 20th June.

D?niel follows a day in the life of a Hungarian male escort living in London funding his studies through various male clients. It is an intimate insight into the qualms and isolation that being a male escort can bring in the modern city. When asked about sex work, director Dean Loxton says ?I find sex work honest, of course with any work you can end up focusing on the money and becoming hard, but I imagine that if done with care a prostitute can make an essential difference to a person?s life.? The film leaves food for thought as the tender topic of sex work is touched upon in a profound and impartial way that will leave you pondering your own stance.

Da?niel – A Short Film – Trailer from INSTANT FILM on Vimeo.

D?niel is from Budapest and is studying child psychology in London. He is kind, patient, doesn’t take drugs, studies hard and is?working?part time as a male escort to pay for his tuition fees.?D?niel is invited by his close friend Nori to have?lunch with mutual Hungarian friends. The expats toast each others health and share traditional food, liquor and stories. During the lunch Nori surprises everyone by introducing her new English lover Tom.?Tom has plans for Nori and they don?t include?D?niel.

Originally from Nottingham, London based director Dean Loxton has had a series of commercially successful shorts included METRO 7 BIS, which screened at international Film Festivals including Palm Springs Shortsfest & Austin. Dean is currently juggling several projects at once but is most notably in post-production for another short named BROOKLYN BLUES which has just finished shooting in New York.

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