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The Best Gay Car Movie of the Decade Comes to DVD December 2nd?


Erin Davies Hits the Road to All 50 States for Equality?

Fagbug Nation?Coming to DVD & VOD December 2nd?

Washington, DC – Garden Thieves Pictures has announced that Fagbug Nation, Erin Davies’ follow up to her acclaimed first film?Fagbug will beavailable nationwide on cable and internet VOD and DVD December 2nd.? The film, already a hit at LGBT festivals, follows lesbian activist Erin Davies and her dog on the road in the titular Fagbug as she attempts to check off the last remaining states on her list: Alaska and Hawaii.

In 2007, Erin Davies’ VW Beetle was vandalized with a hateful slur while she was at a pride event. ?Rather than be ashamed of what happened, the art teacher turned activist drove around with the word on her car for a year before getting it completely remodeled as the “Fagbug”, rainbow colored and covered in pride. ?She then hit the road with her loud, out and proud message to raise awareness of LGBT rights and speak up where so many have been silenced.

Fagbug Nation takes you behind the wheel of what it’s like to drive the now famous “Fagbug.” With six years of touring under her belt, director and activist Erin Davies (Fagbug) has her mind set on getting her car to all 50 states, Hawaii and Alaska being the final two. To pull this off, Erin went 54 days without a car, put her car on 5 boats, and flew on 14 planes. The Fagbug gets lei’d in Hawaii and drives through the midnight sun to Alaska, but first makes a pit stop at the Equality House in Topeka, Kansas.

While on the road and at speaking events, Erin meets a diverse cast of characters and recounts what she’s experienced over the past half-decade: praise from those who have been helped to find their own voice, condemnation from bigots and those within the LGBT community who don’t agree with her methods, confusion and applause from all walks of life. ?Watch as this rainbow striped Beetle serves as a catalyst on the road to equality for our nation.

The Best Gay Car Movie of the Decade Comes to DVD December 2nd?

Fagbug Nation: SRP $24.95 / Not Rated / 91 Minutes / English

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