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Uganda Activists Sue Anti-Gay US Pastor

Ugandan gay activists have filed a lawsuit against a US pastor accusing him of involvement in a campaign to persecute gay people in Uganda.

The Associated Press reports:

Ugandan gay rights activists have sued a US pastor, accusing him of contributing to a campaign to persecute homosexuals in the east African country, an activist said Friday.

Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) filed suit against Scott Lively of the Abiding Truth Ministries on Wednesday at a Massachusetts court, claiming he pushed Ugandan officials to crack down on homosexuals.

“We are suing him for conspiring with Ugandan officials to draw up anti-homosexual legislation and for spreading propaganda that led to (gay) people suffering harassment and violence,” said SMUG director Frank Mugisha.

The suit was filed on behalf of SMUG by the US-based Center for Constitutional Rights under the Alien Tort Claims Act, a statute in US law that allows Americans or people with a link to the US to be sued in a US court for crimes allegedly committed elsewhere.

The complaint names David Bahati, the Ugandan lawmaker behind a controversial anti-gay bill calling for draconian penalties against homosexuals, and former ethics minister James Buturo as some of those in Uganda who conspired with Lively.

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