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Straight Ally Hudson Taylor Combating Sports Homophobia

Former University of Maryland wrestler, straight ally and gay righst advocate Hudson Taylor talks about Combating Sports Homophobia in an interview with Lem Satterfield for Baltimore Sun Magazine. Here are some extracts.

On How a straight ally can create an impact:

?It doesn?t have to be marching in parades or it doesn?t have to be a huge change in your life in order to be an ally,? he said. ?It?s actually taking simple, small steps that I think will go a long way toward changing the culture of sports.?

On Being an ally:

But I think that before I could call myself an ally, I had to determine two things. The first was whether I could internally become conscious of my own words and make it a very serious effort not to use any type of derogatory or demeaning language.

Second, why should I speak out when I hear other people using that type of language and do not speak up about it?

On people thinking he’s must be gay:

Absolutely they do. There aren?t a lot of allies out there, so it?s assumed that if you care about the LGBT movement, therefore, you must be gay. So people do ask me.

I was speaking at Marist a few months ago, and at the end of my talk, a friendly football player raised his hand and said, ?Now how did your teammates react when they found out you were gay??

And I was like, ?Oh, no, he missed it.?

But I think that one thing that is very beneficial about being an ally when I do get that question is that it gives me an opportunity to say, ?So what if I was? There?s nothing wrong with that, and until you all are comfortable with that, we?re not going to make a difference.?

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