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StandUp Day With Ben Cohen

Ben Cohen Website Announcement:

The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation has announced that the 14th of November each year will mark StandUp Day.

Chairman of the Foundation, Ben Cohen said

“We will be asking everyone to do something to ‘stand up’ on the 14th November this year. We are starting a powerful movement that is going to make a difference across the planet.

When we stand together we stand a bit taller. The message we are giving out is that it is time to stop the bullying. Young people’s lives are being ruined and all it takes is the right person at the right time to stand beside them when it matters most to make the difference.

The 14th of November marks the death of my father, Pete, who although he is no longer here, has been a massive influence on my life and one of the reasons that I felt compelled to start StandUp.

My Dad was set upon by a group of men outside a nightclub that we owned in Northampton in 2000.? He was standing up for an employee who was being picked on by the same group. The attack on my Dad was brutal and he died a month later from his injuries.

Our aim is to bring awareness to the average person on the street who may not realise the harm that is being caused by bullying. By becoming aware, they may just be able to notice when something is not right and so stand up when needed before it is too late. The concept is simple, but very powerful.

I will be asking people to stand up with me by wearing their StandUp T Shirt or wrist band, by telling at least one person about StandUp, posting or tweeting about how they are standing up, or simply changing their profile picture to the StandUp logo for the day.There are lots of ways.

It is time to stand up against bullying and I am proud to be able to ask you to stand up with me.

Thanks for your continued support.”


Stand up with Ben on StandUp Day – 14th November

  • Wear your StandUp T Shirt or wristband
  • Change your profile picture to the StandUp logo
  • Introduce as many people as possible to StandUp
  • Post the StandUp website on your Facebook/Twitter with messages of support (click here for link )
  • Send us your stories/pictures for us to repost – [email protected]This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it