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Spanish Artist Miguel Bos? Urges All To Unite In The Fight Against AIDS

Miguel Bos?

NEW YORK,?Nov. 4, 2013?/PRNewswire/ –?Spanish artist and winner of the 2013 Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year,Miguel Bose, launched a campaign to raise?$1 million?before World AIDS Day commemorated?December 1st?each year.

“Be a hero, that is what we are asking everyone to become,” said?Miguel Bose?at a press conference this morning where two organizations, one in?New York, the other in?Barcelona, agreed to work together toward this goal. The campaign will raise funds needed for prevention and education about the epidemic, which affects us all, and to further advance research towards an AIDS vaccine.

“This agreement is essential in the fight against AIDS and the request we are making, both here and in?Barcelona?is for all to raise our voices as one, in?New York?through AID FOR AIDS (AFA), and in?Barcelona, through the Fight Against AIDS Foundation,” (FLS, for its Catalan acronym) said?Miguel Bose, who urged all to donate by texting the word LIFE?to 41010 or?through?http://aidforaids.org/event/beahero/.

AFA founder,?Jesus Aguais, and his counterpart at FLS, Dr.?Bonaventura Clotet?signed the agreement today to expand both the capacity and reach of these organizations, not only in?Spain?and the US, but also in?Latin America.

“We will be supporting each other in the research and development of an AIDS vaccine, distribution and access to medicines, primary prevention education and awareness about HIV and AIDS transmission,” said Aguais. Founded in 1996, AID FOR AIDS has grown from a simple idea of recycling unused, unexpired HIV medications in?the United States?and redistributing them to patients with HIV or AIDS in developing countries without access to treatment. AID FOR AIDS is now an international organization running the largest HIV medicine-recycling program in the world. AFA also provides prevention education, case management and advocacy in?the United States,?Latin America?and the?Caribbean.

The president of FLS, Dr. Clotet, added, “This agreement will advance our goals at the Foundation to research and study HIV infection, help patients, and research new medicines and treatments. We are hopeful this campaign will allow us to advance our projects including clinical trials and innovative medicines.”

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