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Esurance Donating $100,000 To LGBT Charities

Supporters Can Steer the Donation; LGBT Couples Can Save Money on Car Insurance

SAN FRANCISCO,?May 23, 2013?/PRNewswire/ –?Esurance, the direct-to-consumer personal car insurance company, has kicked off its third annual charitable giving campaign?supporting LGBT equality.

This year, however, Esurance is increasing its support by donating a total of?$100,000?to three very important causes?GLAAD,PFLAG, and?The Trevor Project. Friends and fans can steer Esurance’s donation to these organizations by visiting?Esurance’s Facebook page, “Liking” Esurance, and voting for their favorite cause. Each organization will earn a percentage of the donation based on the number of votes they receive. The voting campaign will run through?June 30.

“As a company rooted in the principles of diversity and inclusion, Esurance recognizes the importance of raising awareness for LGBT issues. We hope that LGBT supporters will cast a vote to help these three deserving causes make a difference in the community,” said Esurance Vice President of Marketing?Darren Howard?.

Esurance’s support for LGBT equality also extends to its business practices. The company is one of the first to provide LGBT couples significant?savings on car insurance?by offering them the married rate in nearly every state where the company does business. Domestic partners can save 10 percent or more on their Esurance car insurance premiums ? even in states that don’t recognize the union. Additionally, couples who own more than one car and share a garaging address could also qualify for the Multi-Car discount. LGBT couples can visit?www.esurance.com/equality?or call 1-800-580-7750 to see how much they could save.

*Esurance offers the married rate in all states where the company does business except FL, GA, LA, and MO where it is not approved by the departments of insurance. Registered domestic partners in CA should choose “Domestic partner (registered)” to receive this rate. Savings may vary depending on a number of pricing factors, including driving record, accident history, and vehicle.

About Esurance?
Esurance provides auto insurance direct to consumers online, over the phone, and through select agents, including sister company, Answer Financial. With an easy-to-use mobile app, quick comparison quotes, and online repair monitoring, Esurance is the smart choice for today’s web-savvy consumer. As a member of the Allstate family with an A+ rating from A.M. Best, Esurance is a reliable choice for car insurance, offering anytime, anywhere service just a click, call, or tap away. For more information, visit?www.esurance.com?or call 1-800-ESURANCE (1-800-378-7262).