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WorldOutgames III Fast Approaching the Finishing Line

“We are just a month away from the opening of the third edition of worldOutgames,” said Bart Abeel, chairman of the board of worldOutgames Antwerp (www.world.outgames.org). Our great adventure is nearing the finish line and we will be offering to some 5000 participants, as well as all of the people of Antwerp, 12 days where sport, culture and human rights will be our honoured guests.

During the press conference this morning at the Antwerp Hilton, which is one of the sponsors of worldOutgames, Mr Abeel thanked governments, the city of Antwerp and private sector sponsors who have made it possible to hold this unique event in the city’s history. “Without all this support,” he added, “nothing would have been possible.”

Mr Ludo van Campenhout, Alderman of the city of Antwerp responsible for sport, also underlined the willingness of the city to be a partner in worldOutgames. “With the worldOutgames, Antwerp shows itself to be a city of freedom, inclusion and solidarity,” he said. “These values are also shown in sport.”

“Our city is very proud to host the worldOutgames because our politicians respect diversity and always encourage equality”, said Ms Liesbeth Homans, member of the Flemish Parliament and in charge of equal rights in the City of Antwerp. She is also delighted that the Conference on LGBT Human Rights will bring together more than 300 participants from over 70 countries.

Mrs Hilde Vernaillen, Chief executive of P&V Insurance, one of the major sponsors from the private sector said: ? The World Outgames are the ideal place to promote a positive message about LGBT?s Human Rights all other the World. At the same time they also are a great sport and cultural event. The values which base the organisators and participants of this unique moment are also ours. That?s why we are very proud to support? the World Outgames ?.

Mr Abeel also presented to the assembled media Mr Dirk Bross?, composer and renowned Belgian orchestra conductor, currently musical director of the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia. He has composed the official hymn of the worldOutgames. He will personally conduct the performance of the hymn by the no less celebrated Belgian Brass? during the opening ceremony.

“For me, Mr Bross? said, the musical piece I have composed illustrates the humanist and festive vision which the worldOutgames have projected for more than ten years across the world. Presenting my composition in Antwerp is also a symbol of the openness of our city and of the whole of Belgium.”

worldOutgames III has benefited from the support of the following partners:

Public sector:
The City of Antwerp
The Province of Antwerp
The Flemish Government (Tourism, Sport, Equal Opportunities)
National Lottery of Belgium
De Lijn public transport authority .Private sector:
P&V Insurance ?? The King Baudouin Foundation -? BBTK ABVV ? Taste ?
Brussels Airlines ? Radisson Blu Astrid ? Hilton ? Ramada H?tel ? Sign.be ? Expert Academy-
WTC ? Het Station ? Event Drive ? Aim Group International ? B&O ? Binoche ?
Spartacus ? DNA ? Think Yellow ? I AM ? Elckerlyck Theater ? Fakkelteater ? Diamond Land ? GBA ? UNIZO- Infoser ? Alfacam-Jachthaven Antwerpen

Community organisations:
Active Company ? Antwerp Pride ? ?avaria ?
European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF)?? Het Roze Huis
International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association Europe (ILGA-Europe)
International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association World ( ILGA-World)
Gay & Lesbian International Sport Association (GLISA International).