Antwerp, June 7th, 2013. “The diversity and multiplicity of the cultural events which will take place during worldOutgames III in Antwerp will offer participants, visitors and the people of the city fantastic, memorable experiences,” said Stef Verdoodt, operational director of worldOutgames Antwerp.

Between the opening and closing ceremonies on August 3rd?and 10th respectively, no less than thirty performances, shows, theatre plays, parties, dances and other activities will take place in various halls, venues and public spaces around the city.

During the opening ceremony, which will be held in the open air at “Gedempte Zuiderdokken”, Kate Ryan will perform the worldOutgames song “Heart Flow”. Dirk Bross? has composed the official worldOutgames hymn and will conduct the world premiere during the opening ceremony.?NOH8 will be present three times, ready to take photos in support of its campaign.

Loreen, Boy George, Dimitri d’Anvers and Alcazar, Zempress and Andrei Stan, Ruslana, Nicole & Hugo and the Venga Boys are just some of the notable artists entertaining the crowds.

Many of the cultural activities have been organised thanks to Antwerp Pride which will take place alongside worldOutgames. The parade will be on August 10th.

Antwerp is one of the leading cultural cities in Europe and has a lot to offer: fashion, diamonds and the world famous paintings of Rubens, to name but a few. And with the addition of the cultural programme for worldOutgames, Antwerp will be the cultural heart of Europe.

Some events and shows are free, others have an entrance fee. For tickets and more information see www.world.outgames.org

About World Outgames
The first?worldOutgames?was held in 2006 in Montreal and attracted more than 12,000 participants. The event was based on three components: Sport, Culture and Human Rights. The second?worldOutgames?was held in Copenhagen in 2009. It was an attractive, open and inclusive event that welcomed the local and international LGBT community as well as the wider population of Copenhagen and Denmark.
Successful events have also been hosted by GLISA?s Continental Associations in North America and Asia-Pacific: the 2007 North America Outgames?in Calgary, the 2008 Asia-Pacific Outgames?in Melbourne, the 2011 Asia-Pacific Outgames?in Wellington, and most recently the 2011 North America Outgames?that took place in Vancouver in July of that year.?In 2014, Darwin, Australia will host the 3rd?Asia-Pacific Outgames?and in 2015, Denver, Colorado will host the 3rd North America Outgames.

About the Gay and Lesbian International Sport Association
Established in 2004, the Gay and Lesbian International Sport Association (GLISA) is a democratically governed, international association of sport, culture and human rights organizations that works for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. GLISA?s mandate is to support and grow an international LGBT movement by organizing continental associations, continental Outgames, and global?worldOutgames?every four years.

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