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Professional Soccer Player David Testo On Coming Out Publicly

Professional soccer player David Testo recently came out publicly a few days ago, since then the sportsman has received support and attention from the media, teammates and the fans.

In an interview with OUTSPORTS; David Testo talks about his living in the closet for almost 10 years, his relationship with former Road Rules star Shane Landrum, the reasons behind his coming out and his future. Here are some excerpts:

On His decision of coming out publicly:

Testo said he made the decision to come out after being shaken by the suicide of 15-year-old Jamie Hubley in Ottawa. Hubley was teased in school in part because he was a figure skater instead of a hockey player. That teasing drove Hubley to take his own life.

?I just couldn?t get it out of my head,? Testo said. ?Why not step up and show these young kids it?s okay to be who you are and be gay and be in sports? If I can help one person, why not? I?m not doing it for myself, I?m doing it to help others. I?m not getting anything out of this. I just think it?s time in our society.?

On the relationship with his ex partner:

After he transferred to the University of North Carolina, Testo explored his sexuality further and landed in a long-term relationship with former Road Rules star Shane Landrum.

While Testo was completely closeted when their relationship began, it was because of Landrum that he opened up to some friends who would ask why he and Landrum lived with one another or kept showing up at the movies together.

Still, that was a close group of people who knew the secret that Testo never wanted revealed to the public. For the rest, Landrum didn?t exist in Testo?s life. He would tell Landrum to hide in the bathroom if a teammate paid a visit; When he had someone staying from out of town, he would have Landrum move out of their apartment for the duration of the visit.

?In some respects, I didn?t even treat him like a human being,? Testo said. He apologized to Landrum for his behavior years later.

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