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Olympic Legend Greg Louganis Dives Into Coaching

The Associated Press Reports:

As he grabs a quick bite to eat at a favorite restaurant before heading off for yet another long afternoon at the pool, Greg Louganis sits all but unrecognized by scores of fellow diners ? and that’s just fine with the greatest Olympic diver who ever lived.

“I’ve had my day in the sun as it were,” Louganis chuckles as he swirls the Thai iced tea in his glass and contemplates something that just a year ago he never imagined would happen. Louganis, winner of four gold medals and a silver in three Olympics, has returned to the sport as a coach and mentor.

And right now there’s barely time for lunch before he has to jump in his car and head four miles down the road to the Fullerton College pool. There, on a sun-swept but chilly winter afternoon the soft-spoken Louganis will start putting a handful of young athletes through their paces as head coach of a fledgling program called SoCal Divers.

He’ll have them diving, sure, but he’ll also have them doing back flips on the ground, handstands, stretching, yoga and calisthenics. It’s all part of a laid-back but rigorous conditioning program.

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