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Dutch Sportsmen Talk About Homosexuality

Netherlands Worldwide Radio reports:

A Dutch magazine has come up with an idea to make talking about homosexuality easier by using well-known sports people. L’HOMO is a special edition of Linda Magazine. It is the third time the gay glossy has been published. Scantily dressed sports personalities feature on the cover. They tell their story about homosexuality in the world of sport.

Under the title Sons of God, seven sportsmen bare their chests for a photo session. They are footballers Evgeniy Levchenko, Demy de Zeeuw, Kenneth Perez, Ronald de Boer, gymnast Jeffrey Wammes, tennis player John van Lottum and racing car driver Mike Verschuur. Only two of them are actually gay.

The two openly out sortsmen are: Racing car driver Mike Verschuur, who had already come out of the closet, and gymnast Jeffrey Wammes, who took the opportunity to come out in this magazine issue.

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