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Census: Gay Couples Across The US

The U.S. Census Bureau data shows that more gay couples are dispersed across the country.

CNN has the report:

Researchers from Alfred Kinsey to local nonprofits have tried for decades to count the United States’ gay, lesbian and bisexual population, and still, there were no hard numbers.

But for the first time, the decennial census results report counts of same-sex partners and same-sex spouses, regardless of whether same-sex marriage is legal in their states.

Headlines from across the country reveal common themes: There are more people who identify as gay, and they’ve dispersed to more places.

In New Jersey, “Number of gay couples … rises sharply.”

In South Carolina, “Family makeup is changing.”

In Iowa, “Same-sex households up 77%.”

In Provincetown, Massachusetts: “America’s Gayest City.”

The U.S. Census Bureau has been releasing the state data since June, along with information about how many children are being raised in same-sex parent households. National figures will be released in November.

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