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YouTube Celebrates Pride Month with #ProudToLove Programming?

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YouTube Pride

YouTube Celebrates Pride Month on June 27th and 28th

with #ProudToLove Programming

Check out the official YouTube Proud to Love video

The YouTube Spotlight channel, a daily selection of the best trending videos from across YouTube, launched today #ProudToLove, special LGBT programming that will run from June 27-28 in honor of Pride Month. The launch coincides with gay pride parades and celebrations in San Francisco, New York, London, Paris, Dublin, Toronto, Seattle, and other cities around the world during the weekend of June 28-30.

Tune in atwww.youtube.com/youtube, starting June 27th at 8am PT, for dedicated programming that includes:

  • LGBT Stars on YouTube: ?A look at some of the most popular ?out and proud? YouTube channel creators including:
    • Hannah Hart became a breakout YouTube star with My Drunk Kitchen, which launched in 2012 and quickly became one of the most watched food and entertainment channels. She pops open a bottle of wine – or a few cocktails – ?at the beginning and just sees how it goes from there. Hannah will always keep you laughing, as you pick up cooking tidbits along the way.
    • Shane Bitney Crone?s first caught national attention with “It Could Happen to You,” a moving plea for same-sex couple rights centered around the loss of his longtime life partner. Most recently, he produced Bridegroom, a motion picture based on his story that debuted at this year?s Tribeca Film Festival with a special introduction from President Bill Clinton, who has endorsed the film. The film will next appear at Outfest in Los Angeles on July 13.
    • Davey Wavey is known for his authentic and often irreverent approach. ?His 600+ videos on YouTube cover everything from how to get six pack abs to how to survive a gay pride parade.
    • Todrick Hall?s ability to combine theatrical panache and pop culture have spawned viral hit after viral hit. ?From CinderFella to a Beyonce-themed flash mob in the middle of a Target, Todrick?s videos are packed with LGBT celeb cameos and are guaranteed to entertain.
  • LGBT-Themed Playlists: ?From President Obama and Lady Gaga to Bill O?Reilly and hot button issues, these playlists focus on popular LGBT topics including:
    • It Gets Better ?- Check out videos from the the ?It Gets Better? movement to give hope to LGBT youth from President Obama, Lady Gaga, Randy Williams and many more.
    • The Path to Equality: From Stonewall to the Supreme Court and beyond–the struggle has been tough. Celebrate Pride Week with the countless brave LGBT trailblazers and allies who have helped pave the ongoing path to equality.
    • Same Sex Marriage Proposals: Watershed moments from the fight for marriage equality.
    • Coming Out Stories: A touching list of coming out videos from the YouTube community.
    • Songs of Acceptance: ?Watch these inspiring music videos that promote tolerance, love and acceptance.
  • #ProudToLove: Join in the global spirit of Pride by uploading a video to YouTube responding to the question: Who, what, or why are you #ProudToLove?

For more information, please visit: http://youtube-global.blogspot.com/2013/06/were-proudtolove-lgbt-community-on.html

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