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Obama Cannot Imagine A State’s Gay Marriage Ban Being Constitutional

In an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, President Obama said he ?Couldn?t Imagine Circumstances? in Which a State Ban on Same-Sex Marriage Was Constitutional:

ABC news has the exclusive:

Before the Supreme Court arguments on same-sex marriage scheduled for the end of the month, I asked the president whether he still believed that the issue was best left to the states, or whether he thinks same-sex marriage was a right guaranteed by the Constitution.

?Well, I?ve got to tell you that, in terms of practical politics, what I?ve seen is a healthy debate taking place state by state, and not every state has the exact same attitudes and cultural mores,? he said. ?What I also believe is that the core principle that people don?t get discriminated against, that?s one of our core values. And it?s in our Constitution.?

The president said he personally could not see a scenario in which a state has a legal justification for banning same-sex marriage.

?What I believe is that if the states don?t have a good justification for it, then it probably doesn?t stand up to constitutional muster,? he said.

I asked: Can you imagine one?

?Well, I can?t, personally. I cannot. That?s part of the reason I said, ultimately, I think that ? same-sex couples should be able to marry,? he told me.

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