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John Lyons Does Not Want To Be Stereotyped As The Gay TD

Rosita Boland from The Irish TimEs reports:

In 2011 is it a story or not that two openly gay TDs have been elected to the D?il? It shouldn?t be, but it is. Homosexuality was not decriminalised here until 1993. So if the newly elected Labour politicians Dominic Hannigan and John Lyons had belonged to a different generation, they would not have been able to be open about their sexuality when campaigning for office.

?The last thing in the world that I want is to be stereotyped as a gay TD,? says Lyons, who stood in Dublin North West. ?I hope people see me as a competent young person, with new ideas, who is energetic and capable. But the fact that homosexuality was still against the law in the early 1990s says a lot about things back then, and how Ireland has changed.

?I do think the transition has been quite smudged, though. There hasn?t been one particular event when things changed. The change has been gradual and slow.?

The 33-year-old says he has received many congratulatory texts and e-mails ?of encouragement and positivity? since being elected, specifically referring to the fact that he was open about his sexuality. ?It?s great it can be said in public. The feedback I?ve been getting since being elected says it all.?

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